Data Protection Services

How it works

Your data is backed up automatically to a on-site storage unit. Your data is then replicated to our data center during off-peak time of day. This way you have two backup copies of your data and it eliminates the lengthy backup cycles with cloud-only backup solutions.

  • Cost-effective data backup solution for businesses of all sizes
  • No up-front equipment costs. All backup equipment is provided by¬†Express Data Solutions
  • Upgradable storage from 2TB to 100TB. Pay only for what you need
  • Works with your existing backup software or use our backup agent
  • All data is encrypted on backup drives and in transit
  • Redundant disk drives to protect against data loss due to disk failure
  • Automatic backups to remote data center, transferring only the data that has changed to save bandwidth
  • Backups can be scheduled at convenient times of day and can be limited to desired bandwidth
  • Available Disaster Recovery options to restore server backups to our virtual server environment
  • Customer can choose data retention period depending on business and compliance needs
  • Data can be classified into different datasets for security and retention policies
  • Automatic data compression to save space
  • Protection against ransomware data loss
  • Automatic snapshots allow restoration to previous points in time
  • Backup and restore Servers, PCs, and Macs
  • Protect your business data and your customer’s data
  • Optional data storage in two separate data centers
  • Optional physical transfer of data for large initial backup sets or emergency restoration